Tesla Quartet: A Bartók Journey

May 4, 2021

“I love these sessions. It's really wonderful to have the opportunity to watch you do this work, and hear your thought processes. I hear and feel the things you're talking about come out in the music, and it's very enlightening (and beautiful).”


Immerse yourself with the Tesla Quartet as they explore Béla Bartók's six monumental string quartets for the first time.


Adopt a Bartók Quartet

Join the Tesla Quartet this spring on an extraordinary journey! For any concert presenters seeking virtual programming through June 2021, we offer an exclusive invitation from the Tesla Quartet, who have mapped out a deeply personal journey for audience members to learn the six Bartók Quartets alongside them. We are looking for presenters who would each like to adopt a Bartók Quartet and give their community this exclusive learning experience.

After a wonderfully successful installment of the first three Bartók Quartets—sponsored by Friends of Chamber Music Troy and the Grand Valley State University Department of Music—we are looking for presenters who would each like to adopt one of the final three Bartók Quartets and give their community this exclusive learning experience.  Check out the audience responses below:


Thank you for inviting your listeners and fans to participate with you. All three of the guest speakers (and your performances, of course) have been wonderful.” 


"I found the commentaries the most valuable; they illuminated the road Bartók took, and thus the music. Can I comment as well? the playing of the Tesla Quartet is extremely elegant and these quartets were performed beautifully."


"It was exciting to hear a young quartet, relatively speaking, be so enthusiastic about Bartok's quartets. I also learned more about Bartók's life and approach to composing from the guest speakers. The open rehearsals were exciting to see and hear what aspects of the music you go over when actually rehearsing together. Also interesting to hear how musicians try to convey aspects of playing specific music in words."



Each Bartók Week

In the Tesla Quartet’s six week Bartók-fest, they are exploring how this music sways their innermost passions, to a depth and at a pace designed to entertain, inform, and engage their listeners. Each week focuses on a single quartet and consist of the following:

  • Day 1 – Live Conversation with an expert: Guests to include: Nicholas Kitchen, first violinist of the Borromeo Quartet; Hungarian violinist Károly Schranz, founding member of the Takács Quartet; and celebrated composer Gabriel Lena Frank.
  • Day 2 – Live Open Rehearsal: A behind the scenes look at the Tesla Quartet's rehearsal process.
  • Day 3 – Live Performance: The week’s activities will culminate in a live-stream performance of one of the string quartets.
  • Audience Participation: Each session will include a Q&A session for the audience to engage with the ensemble and its guests.


May 26-29 – String Quartet No. 4
June 2-5 – String Quartet No. 5
June 9-12 – String Quartet No. 6

Sponsorships  Available!

Each week is sponsored by a performing arts organization from across the United States. For a $5,000 sponsorship, patrons of the sponsoring organizations will receive a subscription for the entire series and will have VIP access to the Q&A sessions and prizes for the sponsored week. 


"I've never really enjoyed Bartók. Though I have more recordings of B's quartets than any other, so I guess I have been looking for a way in. The talks with Bartók experts have REALLY helped."


"Sooo good!! I don't know why such dissonance brings me so much joy lol. That last movement is incredible and really ties it all together. Much love Tesla Quartet!"


"This is a wonderful performance, it has it all: lyricism, dance rhythms, unabashed enjoyment of the dissonances, thank you so much. I plan to listen to it often."



To inquire about sponsorship or to learn more about the Tesla Quartet, please email Artist Representative, Matthew Kulas.