Oni Buchanan
Oni Buchanan
Founder & Director
Matthew Kulas
Matthew Kulas
Artist Representative


We are here because we truly believe that the experience of music offers the “spirits to enforce” and the “art to enchant.”

We aspire to connect the world through that strength of vision and joyous shared exploration.

Founded in 2009 by pianist and poet Oni Buchanan, Ariel Artists is a management company shaped by and designed for the evolving landscape of classical/contemporary music in the 21st century.

Though our artists have a wide range of styles and distinctive voices, they share with each other (and with our staff) a driving passion for artistic exploration and vibrant contemporary expression. Our artists specialize in innovative concert programming, thought-provoking interdisciplinary projects, and customized educational/outreach offerings. They are invested in leveraging their energy and mastery for positive impact in the world, and place their artistry in the service of opening conversations, connecting people, and building long-term relationships wherever they go.

Ariel is staffed by a collegial family of trained musicians with years of experience in management, promotion, and arts administration. Our staff provides multifaceted expertise and structure – functioning as a family of rigorous support for our artists, and engaging with presenters, audiences, new markets, and traditional outlets in an informed, deft, and responsive manner.