Akropolis Reed Quintet: Ghost Light

April 21, 2021

Ghost Light (def.) 

"a small, single bulbed light, usually a floor lamp of some sort, that shines on the dark stage throughout the night when the theater is closed and unoccupied."



The Akropolis Reed Quintet's 4th album, Ghost Light, released on April 9, 2021 and already hailed by The Wire (U.K.) as "audibly driven by real excitement and a sense of adventure," is now available as a touring program specifically designed to aid presenters in creatively reopening their venues to live audiences with an intentional sense of community. The event will be staged by the Akropolis with intimate lighting and include a ghost light from the presenting venue, or another in the community.


Ghost Light is a meditation on life, death, and rebirth "performed with faultless detail and refreshing artistry" (I Care if You Listen). It shines a light on the ghosts all around us and grapples with the issues of mortality and our personal and collective history. The concert program includes selections from the Akropolis Reed Quintet's fourth album, Ghost Light on New Focus Recordings, including 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Michael Gilbertson, and 2019 Academy of Arts and Letters Award recipient, Stacy Garrop. A masterwork by Jeff Scott telling the history of three razed Black Detroit neighborhoods is accompanied by new poetry written by Detroit historian and author, Marsha Music.


Pure Gold

Celebrating their 12th year and hailed by Fanfare Magazine for their “imagination, infallible musicality, and huge vitality,” the Akropolis Reed Quintet was founded in 2009 at the University of Michigan and has won seven national chamber music prizes including the Fischoff Gold Medal and Fischoff Educator Award. The San Francisco Chronicle dubbed the Akropolis’s third album release, The Space Between Us, “pure gold.”


To inquire about Ghost Light or to learn more about the Akropolis Reed Quintet, please email Artist Representative, Matthew Kulas.