Delphi Trio is recognized for commanding, compelling performances that draw audiences into their musical world. The Trio prioritizes unity, artistry, vulnerability, and musical risk-taking, creating performances that are infused with spontaneity, humor, and joy. Founded on the principles of community, connection, and artistry, Delphi believe firmly in art’s ability to make a difference in the world and are committed to using their musical platform to bring people together, regardless of background or beliefs. Comprised of three strong women, Delphi Trio works to highlight the presentation of works by female composers alongside the classic piano trio repertoire.

Since its inception in 2010, Delphi Trio has performed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The Trio has been in residence at Old First Concerts in California (2011-12), the Dakota Sky International Piano Festival in South Dakota (2011-13), Avaloch Farm in New Hampshire (2016, 2018), and the Banff Centre in Canada (2012). Concerts of note include Chamber Music Ashland, the Morrison Artists Series, the Orlando Festival in the Netherlands, Festival Terra Sem Sombras in Portugal, Dumbarton Concerts, Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society, Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival, Oakland Symphony, San Jose Chamber Orchestra, and others. They have premiered works by William Bolcom (Piano Trio, 2014), Sahba Aminikia (Shab o Meh, 2014; Deltangi-ha, 2012), Danny Clay (Circle Dash, 2020), and Patrick Castillo (ephemera, 2020). The Trio will be premiering a new triple concerto by Clarice Assad in 2022.

The Delphi Trio is devoted to mentoring the next generation of musicians. In addition to masterclasses and chamber music coaching, the Trio offers school audiences presentations that encourage students to access their own emotional intelligence and awareness through music. The Trio also maintains the Practice Project, a Facebook group dedicated to fostering compassion, vulnerability, and openness among amateur and professional musicians alike. The Trio members are on faculty at the Crowden Center for Music in the Community, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s Pre-College Division, St. Mary’s College of California, and Sonoma State University.

Violinist Liana Bérubé, cellist Tanya Tomkins, and pianist Allegra Chapman are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Delphi Trio is represented worldwide by Ariel Artists (

Violinist Liana Berube, cellist Tanya Tomkins, and pianist Allegra Chapman are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Music, She Wrote (Alt. Title: Nevertheless, She Persisted)

Lili Boulanger – D’un Matin de Printemps

Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn) – Trio in D minor, Op. 11

Gabriela Frank (b. 1972) – Four Folk Songs

– Intermission –

Clara Schumann – Trio in G minor, Op. 17

For centuries, women composers faced not only a remarkable lack of societal and personal support, but outright discouragement; even women who were raised with a high level of musical education were often forbidden from continuing to publish their works once grown and married. This program showcases some revelatory music of two of the most well-known women composers of the Romantic era, Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn) and Clara Schumann who persevered and even flourished against all odds. The expressive depth of Lili Boulanger and the lively and colorful music of noted contemporary composer Gabriela Frank bring us through the 20th century to the present, celebrating the amazing progress and freedom women now enjoy

Healing Ground

Pierre Jalbert (b. 1967) – Trio No. 1 (1998)

Robert Schumann – Trio in G minor, Op. 110

– Intermission – 

Dvořák – Trio in F minor, Op. 65

Grief is an inevitable and integral part of the human experience. The composers in this concert face grief, loss, and mortality head on. In three totally different and inspiring works, they resolve the biggest universal struggle to find a place of transcendence. From the human life cycle and societal suffering in Pierre Jalbert’s Trio No. 1, to facing the decline of one’s own mental health in Robert Schumann’s Third Piano Trio, to mourning the loss of a parent in Dvorak’s Trio in F minor, this program presents an ultimately uplifting meditation on different forms of grief, healing, and renewal.

In the Giant’s Shadow

Robert Schumann – Fantasiestücke, Op. 88

Brahms – Trio in C minor, Op. 101

– Intermission – 

Beethoven – Trio in B-flat Major, Op.97, "Archduke"

Ludwig van Beethoven is a towering figure in the world of art. While his disruptive, self-assured approach is to this day influential and inspirational to artists of many disciplines, he has been an intimidating figure to follow for those composers in his wake. The iconic Romantic composers Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms both looked up to Beethoven as an artistic ideal, simultaneously wondrous and terrifying, but felt it was impossible to live up to the example set by such a colossus. This program, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of his birth, includes Beethoven’s Trio in B-flat, Op. 97, “Archduke,” and explores the relationship between these mighty composers and their music.


Clarice Assad Triple Concerto


Circle Dash

Duration: 45 minutes

An interactive, family-friendly performance for all ages, this program combines musical performance with visual art in a game-like format that allows viewers to join in on the music making.

Using graphic notation, a unique way of writing sounds in the form of artistic images, Circle Dash consists of a series of animated “video scores” conceived by composer and educator Danny Clay that lead participants on a journey through a variety of musical landscapes.

Audience members are invited to perform along with Delphi Trio using objects not traditionally considered instruments - no musical experience necessary! Along the way, audience members will learn about the basic building blocks of musical composition and explore the process of interpreting and performing music in a hands-on, interactive way. Presentations ofCircle Dash can be done in person or online.

Circle Dash is a Delphi commission and an ongoing project.Danny Clay, Composer

Danny Clay is a composer and teaching artist whose work is deeply rooted in curiosity, collaboration, and the sheer joy of making things with people of all ages and levels of artistic experience.

Working closely with artists, students, and community members alike, he builds worlds of inquiry, play, and perpetual discovery that integrate elements of sound, movement, theater, and visual design. Children's games, speculative systems, cognitive puzzles, invented notation, found objects, imaginary archives, repurposed media, micro-improvisations, and happy accidents all make frequent appearances in his projects.

Recent collaborators include Kronos Quartet, Eighth Blackbird, Third Coast Percussion, Volti, the San Francisco Girls Chorus, Wu Man, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, and printmaker Jon Fischer. His work has been performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP), Ensemble Dal Niente, and has been presented by the deYoung Museum, San Francisco Performances, the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts at the Minnesota Street Project, the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts, the Meaney Center for the Arts in Seattle, and university programs throughout the United States. Learn more about Danny at


Masterclasses & Panel Discussions

Delphi Trio is passionate about sharing knowledge and educating young artists. All three members of the Trio are devoted teaching artists who feel strongly about the importance of sharing and passing on knowledge to the next generation. In this offering, the Trio works together to coach chamber music, or separately to coach individual instrumentalists on solo or sonata repertoire. The Trio is also available to offer panel discussions and lectures on a variety of topics, including career building, historical performance practice, arts administration, ensemble dynamics, practice psychology, and more.

Q&A/Post-Concert Chat/Meet & Greet

The members of Delphi Trio love connecting with their audiences on and off the concert stage. In the Q&A and Post-Concert Chat options, the Trio will collaborate with the presenting host to facilitate a formal dialogue between the Trio and the audience. This conversation may consist of the Trio answering audience members’ questions, or delving into discussion topics such as the Trio’s musical upbringings, ideas about particular works, instruments, or anything else that might be of interest. In the Meet & Greet option, the Trio will attend an informal post-concert reception where they can meet and talk with audience members directly. The availability of this option is contingent on appropriate mask policies being enforced.